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Happy Holidays,

If you are like me there is a certain excitement in your soul at this time of the year. No,  it’s not because I get presents, although that works too. It’s because I get to look back and reflect on what my year was like and start to plan for another year with clarity and purpose. We can’t move forward from where we are without reflection of the good, bad and the ugly.

What did this year bring for you? Was it a good year or was it a bad year.  I am a pretty positive person but I am going to tell you I would rather you have had a bad year then you have had a “meh” year.  A meh year is a year that was not good or not bad. It’s a year of nothing special. Now don’t get me wrong, I really want you to have the best year ever, but if it was a bad year it’s still better than a meh year.

What defines a meh year? It was ordinary, lack luster, not eventful. Is that the kind of life you want to live? I want you to live with passion and purpose. I want you to live a life you are proud of. A life you love. Feel the pain, if it was there, that means you are alive. Why settle for mediocracy when you can live with pleasure or pain. If it was a hard year, I am sorry, I truly am. However, we can always look at the pain as life lessons. Maybe the pain of this years events left you stronger or wiser? We can all reflect and find the good if we look hard enough and choose to find it. As we reflect on years end we can now start to plan for the new year. I have compiled a list of questions that can assist you in your time of reflection and my personal  secret tool that keeps me on target to live my best life.

Find a quiet place, light a candle and journal these questions.

  1. What were your new years goals for 2017?
  2. What are you proud of this year?
  3. What mistakes did you make this past year?
  4. What regret do you have from this year?
  5. What words describes this year for you?

You may be thinking why would I do this exercise? Well, first you will never have a meh year 2018! I guarantee that. You might have a bad year, hopefully it will be a great year, but it will never be average. Reflection of the good, bad and the ugly allows us to gain clarity and purpose for the new year ahead. F

Did you notice if the first question made you really have to think? I mean aside from the generic “lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking etc”  You really had to think right?

Not me. I am here to share with you my secret tool to living an EPIC life with you.  I encourage all my clients to do this exercise each year. Over the years this practice has created some pretty happy clients.

Every year I plan out my year ahead month by month.  I make a vision board. That’s my favorite thing to do, the vision board. I’ll save that for next month’s post.  I also theme my year. I think of what the theme of the next year will be for me. 2017 was the year of Learning and Growing. Heck, yes I did just that. I completed a lot of certifications and studies. I also learned more about myself this year. I also get out my cell phone, you can do it in a note book  or make a spread sheet and I plan, month by month.

It’s such a cool process because getting back to question #1 , I can look back and really see what I wanted for my 2017 and what I actually accomplished. The cool thing is you can add on anytime, but you cannot delete. If I didn’t accomplish something in August let’s say, I put a BIG RED mark on it and you know what, it becomes a priority for me for the following month. Somehow most things get accomplished.  I have a few that didn’t get done, see I am human. I am very clear now as to why it didn’t get done and how 2018 it will be accomplished.

I hope this season brings you  silent space to reflect back and to plan with peace, clarity and purpose for your new year ahead.

Here’s the 2018, and you living your most EPIC life.

Move Better, Feel Better, Age Better


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