What does it mean to Age Better and achieve Optimal Health?

What does it mean to have optimal health?

There is a missing link between training in fitness and training the mind #mindset which equals = optimal health. They are both muscles that need to be trained to achieve optimal health.

What does it mean to Age Better? Aging is a natural part of life. Our bodies go through significant physical changes including loss of muscle and bone. We can learn evidence based exercises to keep our joints healthy.

You have a choice, you either work towards living your best years injury free, healthy and strong or you give into “old age” The human body is adaptable and needs to be stimulated just like the brain. My wish for you is that you live your best years with more movement, feeling fabulous and aging well. That is optimal health.


Pilates is a mindful practice that targets the core. Core training is essential to staying strong and injury free as you age. It is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture.

We can work together either at any of the studios that I train from.

1)Spencer Pilates Arts located in Forest Hills

2)PhysioElements located in Manhasset.

3) NYSC all locations in Queens

Joseph Pilates said  “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body”


You want to run around with your grandchildren. You want to remain injury free as you age.  It’s time for you to focus on YOU!

**No gym necessary 

Work with me from the comforts of your own home. We can Zoom/Skype.

All sessions are recorded so that you can practice and perform any or all exercises.

I will design a program for you specifically targeted for you and your bodies needs. As an Integrative Exercise Specialist for Boomers and Seniors, I work with many types of injuries and body types.

Take action now! Your body deserves it.

1:1 Mindful Movements (yoga, pilates, and meditation)

Mindful Practices include being present. We can be present in meditation or Body Sensing practices. Moving with intention and deliberate movement patterns.

As a Human Movement Specialist, I am trained to look for muscular imbalances, patterns of movements and some biomechanics of the clients body.

I will teach you how the body and brain work together to keep you strong, stable and injury free.

You will learn to listen to your bodies needs.  You will practice extreme self care so that you feel connected to your body.

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