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Happy and Healthy New Year 2018

May this year be filled with good health, love, forgiveness, selfceare, and getting back to basics.

In reflecting this week on my own year 2017, I can say this year was filled with so much joy and celebration.

We started off the year with a beautiful celebration of my parents 60th anniversary in June. We watched them kiss a lot and proclaim their love for each other. To experience this kind of unconditional love is beyond inspiring to all of us. It filled me with such joy, to be able to surprise my parents with a small intimate dinner and see them so happy. They are truly inspirational to all.

Another memorable celebration for me was in August, my daughter’s Shower. The exciting planning around the venue, the invites, the cake, all the fun stuff in making sure everything was absolutely perfect for them both. Experiencing this joy was incredible. To see them both glowing and super happy that day, was one of the highlights of this past year.

For the actual highlight of my year, it was the wedding of my daughter to her bride Meagan. To say I am filled with joy and pride is an understatement. I am proud of these two really incredibly smart, caring and loving girls. They planned an amazing wedding from soup to nuts. The attention to detail was incredible and if you were fortunate to be able to have been part of their wedding weekend, you were blessed. They proclaimed their love to each other in front of their families and friends on the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  It was absolutely incredible and a wedding that rocked the mountain.  I am filled with so much joy in my heart.

This year I feel so blessed. I am so grateful for my health and those I love have good health too. I am grateful that my relationship with my hubby continues to grow and we navigate life side by side. The ups, the downs and the in-betweens we are partners.  We are blessed that we  shared 3 beautiful vacations this year. We continue to grow in our love and the love of our families.

This past year my theme was Learning and Growth. I started the year with being chosen to be part of the Beta testing for the national group exercise certifications for AFAA. I completed some 9 workshops and webinars that will further enhance my growth as a fitness professional. I obtained two more certifications: Midlife Fitness for Women and Prehab vs. Rehab.   After teaching spin (Cycling ) for more than 2 decades I became a Life Time Spin Instructor for Maddogg Athletics or Spnning.com  I became a distributor for Naboso Technology Insoles. As a barefoot trained specialist, and having a meniscus tear, these are life changing.

I tell you all  this not to toot my own horn but to show you how education is important to me so that I can bring you the most cutting edge information out there. My goal is to educate you to live a healthy, strong, injury life as you age.

This new year ahead holds opportunity and promise. It provides the blank page. For a minute, let’s think about all the goals, resolutions and promises we will make for the coming year. For a large portion of Americans, diet and exercise is #1 goal for 2018

Even though I am celebrating NYE in a big way, I know I have to get up and teach tomorrow morning.  Some people may find this a drag, but not me. It’s a day that I get up and get to really inspire and motivate someone new. When they say look at life through the eyes of a child, innocent and full of awe. I am asking for you to look at your fitness routine or your eating patterns with eyes wide open like a child

I am grateful for my regulars  students/clients of course, but there is something very special about the new year/new me client that shows up to class on 1/1/18. They are willing to learn without any excuses or limits. They come in ready to roll.  This first week I always focus on that new member in all of my classes. I also try to educate instead of wow them with new stuff or new choreography. I take it back to basics. Sometimes I notice that my students or clients that have been with me the longest actually benefit from this week the most. They are reminded of their safety, their form, how to perform the exercise optimally, or how to let go to deepen.

As we welcome this new year, I ask you to consider the basics. Step back and ask yourself  these 3 questions

What’s important to you at your core?

What can you learn if this was your first class/session?

What patterns have you developed that you can let go of?

Take a look around at the gym, in your classes and as a veteran to the gym or boutique fitness studio, show them some love and remain open to the possibilities that may lie in the first week of January for you.

In Love and Light

Move Better, Feel Better, Age Better




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