Benefits of Private Pilates

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Pilates is a mindful practice that works the whole body with an emphasis on the core. Pilates was designed for all bodies in mind. Over the years like any other format, the pilates practice has evolved. We have studios popping up that have taken the practice and added a twist. Machines called the megaformer were designed. More clients are part of the ongoing group experience by partaking in coupon classes. With the ever changing pilates practice and the growing number of boomers and seniors, there is a need for more individual designed sessions. Tailored to the needs of the aging body.

When we age our bodies go through phycological and physiological changes. Our joints are a bit more worn, we might even be dealing with some injuries. Trying to keep up in a group class just so you don’t look silly, can and will lead to injury. Ask yourself, when you finish the class, do you feel better or worse? The next day, ask it again, and are you feeling aches vs. pains. (See blog post on Aches vs. Pains)

When you work with a highly trained instructor, they will ensure proper form, and modifications specific to you. You will be shown exercises and techniques to keep you injury free.  They will ensure your safety and design a program just for you.

Some instructors are Physical Therapist and or Corrective Exercise Specialist, they have the knowledge and the background to facilitate change in your body while keeping you injury free and strong. They have ways to look at the body as a whole and how efficiently it is moving. They are trained to take that information and design a workout program specifically for your needs.

While it is great to take group classes, it might be worthwhile for you to invest in yourself and take some private pilates.

When looking for a CPI (Certified Pilates Instructor) make sure first they are certified. Find out what other credentials or certifications they may have and if that’s something you might want to know more about.

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Maria Lorenzo  CPT, CPI, ICES, CGT,PCC, RYT



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