Midlife fitness Reinvented

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We hear all the time how midlife is a time of reinvention. A time to start something new.

Does your fitness routine need a reinvention? Are you still doing the same workout week after week?

If so, I am here to tell you that you are doing more harm than good to your body.

Don’t get me wrong as long as you are moving, you’re doing good for your body.  Let me start with a few basic questions for you to think about. After answering them honestly, you will probably be very shocked and need some suggestions. I have them for you below.

1)Are you doing the same class format since you were, let’s say in your twenties? Step anyone? Slide board?

2)Are you at a plateau in your fitness goals? Scale not moving? Clothes not fitting any better?

3)Are you suffering with more little issues/injuries in your body ? Knee pain anyone? Shoulder issues?

4) Do you have less energy than you used to, but out of habit go do the same workout just so you can say you went to the gym?

5) Do you feel that aging is a negative word? That if you allow yourself to try something new, you’re giving in to becoming old?

If you answered YES to anyone ONE of these questions, YOU need a makeover. A reinvention to your fitness  routine so you can accommodate your aging body.

Now don’t get me wrong, the aging body doesn’t mean you can’t take step or spin. It just means you must learn to workout smarter not harder. There are 7 days a week to workout. If you take a spin class one day, a step class another day. You get the picture.

Physiologically our body will NOT respond to the same types of exercises being performed day after day. The body goes into adaptation mode. No physical changes will happen. Our bodies need to be stimulated just as much as the brain does in midlife. So why would you be doing the same damn thing day after day?

I am seeing more and more clients complain of foot issues and or ankle and knee pain. Yet they still take step class or spin with sneakers instead of spin shoes that are made to keep the foot stable. I am seeing more and more clients complain of neck issues and continually take yoga and flip their neck back in baby cobra or up dog.  What about all the clients that complain about back issues. Now that could be a whole different blog for another day.

When you keep doing the same thing over and over, you get the same results.

Here are some ways to Move Better:

  1. Pay attention to your body. The body will speak to you.
  2. Stretch more.  A stretch should be held for 48 sec minimal
  3. Strengthen your core.  CORE=abdominals, obliques and back.  Core is 3 dimensional   Pilates anyone?

Here are some ways to Feel Better:

  1. Cross Train.  It does a body good to mix up your workouts so you use different muscle groups.
  2. Take some time for Rest and Recovery.  Allow the body to repair
  3. Give yourself permission to look silly doing something you’ve never done before.  Wish I could have video-ed myself taking Zumba  LMAO

Here are some ways to Age Better:

  1. Own your age!!
  2. Give your body more attention, more nourishment, more care.  You deserve it
  3. Eat better, sleep more, have more fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and will share it with anyone who you know that might need a midlife reinvention.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know any other topics you might want covered.

Move Better, Feel Better, Age Better




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