My Statement

My mission is to help women move better, feel better and age better in their own body, no matter what shape or size. 
 “There are no limitations, only the ones we put on our selves.”
I train and educate women with movement patterns that help keep them strong, stable and injury free as they age.
I coach women to dive deeper into creating a life and body that they love.
“We carry our issues in our tissues” 


About Me

I have many tools in my toolbox, which makes working with me the best fit for you.

My expertise in fitness, nutrition, mindful movements, and  corrective exercises will enable you to reach your goals faster and move more efficiently.  You will remain an ageless, strong, and injury free.  I am passionate and full of energy.

You will understand how one modality effects the whole body and how your mindset is the missing link to achieving your goals.

As a CPC (certified professional coach) I also bring all my motivation and specific coaching techniques from some of the most sort out coaching associations like the Tony Robbins Coaching Program and ICF (International Coaching Federation) in all of my teachings and trainings.
Make sure you join my free 5-week video training “The Climb”

I believe with the right mindset and correct movement patterns, that will be custom tailored to your body, you will achieve your desired  goals.

You will change the way you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. You will feel younger inside which has a direct correlation to how you look on the outside.

“I provide resources to YOU so YOU can be your most resourceful self.”

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Maria Lorenzo:

Maria holds numerous National certifications. NASM &  AFAA
She holds many specialty certifications: See below
Her most recent certifications are Barefoot Training Specialist, Integrative Corrective Exercise Specialist (I.C.E.) for baby boomers and Seniors,  and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
Resume available upon request.
Maria has managed fitness facilities in NYC, LI and in the 5 boroughs.  She has managed fitness programs, trainers, group exercise programs and instructors. She also created branded programs for the company and trained instructors on how to teach the programs.

Maria Lorenzo is a Certified Professional Coach since 2007 (CPC)
She is an accredited Coach through the International Coaching Federation ICF . She completed the Tony Robbins Coaching Program and is a Certified TR coach.

Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA, NASM)

Certified Group Instructor CGI (AFAA NASM)

Certified Pilates Instructor CPI (Balanced Body)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

200hr Registered Yoga Teacher RYT (YogaFit)

 Integrated Corrective Exercise Specialist for Boomers & Seniors ICE

Fitness Nutrition Specialist FNS (NASM)


  • "Maria saved me from a career disaster. Because of her interventions, I was able to pick a path and develop it into something fulfilling and lucrative. She has a gift for really pinpointing what it is you want out of your life. Maria is easy to talk to, has a sense of humor, and is very savvy regarding career and life issues. Maria made it very clear to me what my priorities were and which were not. I felt a great sense of relief after working with her. I realized that I had lots of choices, and that I did not have to live in the narrow box that I assigned myself to. I highly recommend her and say run, not walk and make an appointment."

    Jackie H.
  • "I worked with Maria while I was going through some tough times, losing my mom and my only daughter going off to college.I felt alone and isolated. I was skeptical at first but as soon as I finished my discovery call with her, I knew I wanted to work with her. I loved her energy and no frills approach to finding "me" again. I discovered that I loved photography and began to pursue it as a second career. I started meditating to alleviate some anxiety issues. Maria worked with me and her outstanding intuitive coaching methods helped me to find the new me."

    Myrna K.
  • "Maria helped facilitate the change that was needed in my life. I had no balance. I worked from home, so I physically sat all day. I didn't dare try to step away from the desk, for fear of not letting motherhood ruin my career. I wasn't present for my children which then had a direct effect on one of them. I saw black and white. Maria helped me realize there is a gray area that I could work with. I also started having "me time" which was unheard of at this point in my life. My marriage improved, my kids and I spend more quality time together, and I make a priority time for self care. Maria loves to challenge you and doesn't let you hand her excuses. She is a delight to work with and now I take her classes too.

    Susan B. mother of 3
  • "I have been taking Maria's classes for the past 10years. She is the one of the BEST in NYC. I travel around the city as a member of Equinox and NYSC but I literally look up where and when Maria teaches. She puts 100% into her classes. She is constantly getting different certifications and brings her wealth of knowledge to her classes. I take her spin class which is ridiculously hard. She has the best music and her rides keep you engaged and motivated. If you have never taken her class, get into one and then go out there and compare. Her "mountains" are insane.

    Jennifer S.
  • I started working with Maria doing private pilates first. I suffered lower back issues and clearly had no core strength. Maria helped me find my core and learn stabilization techniques and strengthening exercises to keep me pain free. I love her pilates classes and I never miss my privates. Maria is about mindful movement principles. Once I found out Maria was a life coach who specializes in working with middle age women, I immediately signed up for her fast track coaching. Just like Maria is as an instructor/educator in fitness, she is educator in life. She taught me that mindfulness is not just for movement in pilates, but with my words, actions and thoughts. She goes above and beyond to get you to a vision that you create with her. Hire her now, she changed my life. She is my coach inside and out.

    Beth L. Founder
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