My 7 essentials for travel during midlife

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Summer is a time for the beach, just being outdoors and of course travel. Weather it’s a vacation or a staycation, our goals are to escape our daily lives for a period of time.  I equate that to self care. I mean I love my life and my gorgeous backyard, it’s my little sanctuary, but I still love to travel.  Travel soothes my soul and provides me with escapes from my daily routine.

Being a fitness professional travel doesn’t stop me from exercising.  I mean for me it’s a chance to not have to motivate anyone but me. It means long walks, pilates and yoga. I am also blessed to do what I love while traveling. I get to experience teaching vacations too.

Let’s face it, I am getting older and when I travel, I am sometimes reminded of that. LOL     The airplane seats, the beds with mattresses that aren’t tempur-Pedic, sitting on a lounge chair by the pool.  Let’s face it, not so stellar for posture and back care.

I put together a list of my 7 must have essentials for Travel.

1)Sunscreen:   Sunscreen SPF 50 is my #1 essential for everyday.   Sun damage has already taken its toll on my face, after years of baby oil and tanning beds. I developed melasma (pigmentation on the face) because of unprotected sun exposure. I wear SPF 50 all year round.  I am loving this new Mineral non-greasy formula for summer by Australian Gold.

2) Hat:   Another must for me, weather I am sitting by the water or walking along the beach.  It’s like double protection for your face and it looks chic.

3)Probiotics:  I am a big fan of the benefits of probiotics. I’ve been taking them for years. With all the rage of fermented foods and drinks, a small pill has the same benefits when you travel.  I purchase these and keep them refrigerated due to the live bacteria. Some brands do not have to be refrigerated. When you travel your diet is off and some countries have different foods. Anytime your stomach is off course, pop two on an empty stomach 3x day and you’ll feel better. Taking probiotics also boosts your immune system.

4)Facial Spray:  A must for me on the plane. As a middle age women, hydration is so important for my skin. The air in the plane is recycled and drying to the skin. There are many different brands, Evian, Avene are pure water. This one from Mario Badescu has aloe and rosewater. I also will keep this in the refrigerator in the hotel room so that when I am at the beach or I do a morning walk, I can spritz my face to cool off.

5) Pain relief gel:   Let’s face it aches and pains are a part of our existence. Sometimes you may fall asleep on the lounge chair at the pool and you’ll wake up with a stiff neck.  My go to is Doctor Hoy’s Natural Pain Relief Gel.

6)Triggerpoint Ball/Roller:   At this point if you’ve been reading my blogs, you know how important myofascial release is to our bodies. I have had many experiences with backspin, sciatica and neck issues on vacation, so these are a must for me.

7) Journal:  Ever notice the thoughts you have when you are away from your daily living environment. Even if you are at the beach in your home town, there is something about connecting to nature or water that allows our brains to think differently, more creatively.  There is a sense of being free to dream more.  I do some of my best creative thinking while on vacation mode. I also continue with my gratitude journal, what better time to be grateful.

Most of these items can be purchased on amazon.  The Vince Camuto hat can be found at

I would love to hear about any other items that you take with you when you travel.  If you think someone would benefit from this blog post, please share.

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