5 ways to ease Anxiety. Meditation included

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In today’s world unfortunately we experience anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety is the new buzz word. I hear more and more clients state ” I am on ___” (inset their anti anxiety medication) due to high levels of stress and anxieties.

The constant news of terrorism or bullying or political nightmares are shared through the media every day.

Social media was originated to bring people together, in today’s world it is becoming a source of divide. People have no problem sharing their judgements or racist opinions on all forms of social media platforms.  Social media platforms have allowed even the most shy and introverted humans to find their voice and share it. Through their daily rants, or their  posts through pictures, there is a way to be heard. We are not able to unplug and turn inward.

When we speak of anxiety we think of the “Fight or Flight” syndrome.  We think of FEAR or underlying doom. Anxiety manifests in our bodies as physical symptoms. Sweaty palms, heart racing, uncontrollable thoughts of negativity or fear.

Personally I have experienced real anxiety attacks in my 20’s and 30’s.  I can only imagine the anxieties of young adults today. Their whole life is filtered through social media platforms that emphasize the best of a person or situation. The reality is that they are dealing with their own insecurities of finding themselves and creating their life.

More and more adults have anxieties due to the growing number of baby boomers facing retirement. Will they run out of money, will their health decline? These are a few of their everyday worries.


Here are a few hacks to combat anxiety

1.BREATHE : Evidence based breath is Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 7 breaths and exhale for 8 breaths. Breath is life. When we experience anxiety our breath is shallow, learning to turn inward and deeply breathing has been shown to decrease the systems of anxiety.


2. MOVING MEDITATION: Anyone who experiences high levels of anxiety needs to move. They actually will            feel better moving. You may true walking briskly and repeating positive mantra’s to yourself. Some people find moving meditations through running with no music or distractions. You have to practice how to clear your mind first so repeating positive mantra’s or affirmations might be a start.


3. NAME IT: This technique I use with my coaching clients. Give anxiety a name. An ugly name and when it rears it’s ugly head remind yourself, your thoughts are in your control.   Mr. Ugly will have NO control over them. You won’t allow it.

4. PRACTICE GRATITUDE:  This is a practice. It requires you to stop and actually write down or list all the things in your life, you are grateful for.  Gratitude changes your perspective on your life.

5. UNPLUG:  Start with an hour, maybe a lunch hour, a time and space just for you. You should avoid any or all technology including TV or radio. Look at it like a luxury retreat, no one can bother you or reach you. It is your sacred space.  I find when I fly I literally feel so happy to get to read or rest. It is my time to enjoy without distractions or interruptions.  These are my stolen moments.

I’ve attached a guided meditation that I hope you can save and use whenever you feel unnerved or anxious.

Please share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from it and leave me comments below if you found this helpful.





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